Scaling Yourself: Notes

(This notes is from watching Scaling Yourself by Scott Hanselman on DEVDAY 2012)

Scaling Yourself

I must dance! I can not stop!

Must dance!


n. - A person who always asks you for advice then does the exact opposite of your suggestion.

How to become a better movie script writer?

“Get some paper, put it in a typewriter, type FADE IN… and keep typing”

The less you do, the more of it you can do

“I just need to work late to catch up???”

  • Effectiveness: doing “right” things
  • Efficiency: doing things in the economical way

Three-Fold nature of work:

  • Pre-defined Work
  • Work as it appears
  • Defining works

4 “Ds”

  • Do it
  • Drop it
  • Delegate it
  • Defer it

Learn to drop things

Sometimes Dropping the Ball is the right answer.

“Pychic weight” will stress you out

Rule of 3: Write down three outcomes for the day / week / year.

Monday Vision; Friday Reflection

Being busy is a form of laziness - lazy thinking and indiscriminate action

Being creative and making something is the opposite of haning out

Identify Data Streams, and sort them by Signal v.s. Noise

Don’t put energy into things you don’t want more of

Conserve Your Keystrokes: You have a limited number of keystrokes left in your hands before you die.

The Trusted Source

  • Pick one location for a medium
  • Keep it…
    • open all the time
    • updated all the time

Schedule Work Sprints: pomodoro technique

Internal interruptions v.s. External interruptions

Principles of Flow: Everything important will find its way to you many many times: don’t worry if you miss it.

Remain in your flow: be wrapped up in the thing that has captured your attention.

Don’t set up “guilt systems”

You can’t simultaneously be current on many aspects. Let someone else guide:

In anything you need to learn, find a person who can tell you what is:

  • need to know
  • should now
  • nice to know
  • edge case, only if it applies to you specifically
  • Useless

Find your aggregator

Throw it out? If it is not helping me to ___, if it is not improving my life in some way, it’s mental clutter and it’s out.